Why Printing? Here's why.

So many people ask, “Why Printing?”  “Why did you choose it?”   “How in the world do you care enough to write a blog about it every week?”  Well, to me, that answer has always been simple.  Check  this out.

why printing

That my friends, is the 4 color printing process and the dot pattern it uses to create color.  Yes, CREATE colors.  Using only 4.  Still confused why we are so intrigued?


Confused? Let’s back up – try giving this link a read –Why the printing press was so important.  You will quickly realize what a game changer the process of putting ink on paper was, but that’s just the start. That was 1 color text, and shortly after, line art images.  Year after year the printing industry evolved.  Sure, change is imminent in most things, but rarely is a landscape continually changing like it is in the printing industry.  So many different ways over the years to lay ink on paper and it only becomes more and more precise.

Time and again we have posted naysayers closing the door on our industry.  Claiming the end is near and that paper and the printing process is nearing its end of life.

We here at InkOnDaPaper politely disagree.  Printing is very far from dead, but merely passing through yet another transition phase. Traditional publication printing may have taken a hit and we know the IPad did a number on the book industry but print is still surrounding us everywhere.  The floors we walk on, the retail windows we look out of, the packaging on our lunch, the buses and trains we ride, the receipt at the checkout of the grocery store, the pen on your desk, the golf ball you hit this weekend…It’s all print. print Print PRINT!  Many applications and many uses.

So why printing you ask?


2 thoughts on “Why Printing? Here's why.

  1. Nicely said! Traditional print media demand is shifting and new print technologies with it are creating an exciting future for us printers. We are now able to print onto virtually any substrate or medium on demand, which opens new markets for traditional print shops.

  2. Nicely said! Though the internet has profoundly changed marketing, print will never really die. True, what Jon said; think of what is now possible w/ print. As technology improves, so do even simple things like the much-improved printed Christmas cards we get in the mail. Not to mention the impresive “wraps” you can now use to print on buses, etc.

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