Why No One Talks About Print Marketing Anymore

This article hits the nail on the head with the way it outlines how certain people look and think about print marketing today.

Print is Dead. Print is to expensive. Customers don’t respond to it anymore. You can’t personalize it. Digital is the wave of the future and print is a thing of the past.

Raise your hand if you have heard this from either customers or friends recently. Well I can’t see who’s raising their hands, but I bet it is a lot of you. As a print community we need to get back to showing people how print works and the cool ways that print can provide something different. The author of the article does a great job on outing different ways you can ¬†use print and some action steps that could be taken.

So first step send this article to clients and doubters. Second step start sending them samples of how you have used print for other clients. Bonus if you can tie the piece to their current business.

Ready, set,¬†start promoting print! I’ll see you out there.


Source: Business2Community

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