USPS Rate Expired Sunday

On Sunday, the 4.3 percent exigent surcharge USPS is billing postal customers expires. That means prices will go down on Sunday, absent some governmental action to keep the emergency rate the Postal Regulatory Commission allowed because of USPS losses during the Great Recession.

That has at least one marketing vendor so excited. Pitney Bowes created an area on its site called “Pitney Bowes Rate Change Central.” One of its blog posts starts with this sentence: “You read that correctly: this April the U.S. Postal Service will be reducing postage rates for Mailing Services products, including First Class mail, Standard Mail and Periodicals.”

Here’s a snapshot from USPS regarding price reductions:

USPS rates change on Sunday

USPS rates change on Sunday

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Before Target Marketing contacted USPS on Thursday, the postal service had already issued a statement in February expressing concern about losing the emergency rates and being required to, for instance, lower the cost of a First Class stamp to 47 cents from 49 cents. The press release said Congress or courts could step in.

“This mandatory action will worsen the postal service’s financial condition by reducing revenue and increasing its net losses by approximately $2 billion per year,” USPS warns.

Pitney Bowes created a video to summarize the price changes happening on Sunday:


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