Traditional print sales people struggle with developing business?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Over the weekend I came across this article on What They Think about how the print sales landscape is changing and how we as sales people need to change. The author outlines several factors on why the market is changing and I have outlined them below for you.

    • A dramatic change in buying behavior
    • Changing role of the sales professional
    • Shrinking markets requiring more business development versus account management
    • More sophisticated client/sales consultant relationships
    • Technological advances changing transactional buying/selling programs
    • Technologies leveraged with marketing and lead generation
    • Challenges created by a multi-generational workforce

I do agree that many print sales people fall into the trap of promoting their products instead of learning the clients business. As a current individual in print sales it takes a lot of effort and research to find out how the company is using the printed product. I believe the key is to pick specific verticals that your company is strong in and identify certain problems that you have fixed. This will allow you to outline those issues and how you fixed them to new and prospective clients, which in turn will help improve the research process.

I would recommend reading the article further and judging it for yourself. As always we love to hear feedback.

Source: What They Think

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