Throwback Thursday: Superior Set No. 4000

photo 3

I hinted yesterday that todays post from me would be nostalgic.  Ebay has been my best asset indigging up old print artifcacts.    Because of that, my print collection is growing and I am proud to add this antique to the list.


Meet the ‘Prentice Rubber Type Set.  Just like the Cub Press I posted about a few weeks ago, this is made by the Superior Marking Co. out of Chicago IL.  I just picture a proud father buying his kid this set to explain what his job is like – to teach his child how typesetting is done.

The set comes with ink, a wooden holder for the type, a bag full of letters, and a few tweezers to help typeset.  (the ink is actually mine, the pad they sent me was a brick of black foam at this point)

photo 4

Does anyone else out there have this set? or any other set from Superior Marking Co?  If so, we would love to hear all about it!

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