Throwback Thursday – The Linotype Machine

Throwback thursday is all about the Linotype Machine.  This thing is amazing.  A true mashup of Engineering and science.  Hand typesetting is tiresome, long, intricate work, and it was largely unchanged for 100’s of years.  Then came the linotype machine.

The linotype machine (/ˈlnətp/ lyn-ə-typ) is a “line casting” machine used in printing. Along with letterpress printing, linotype was the industry standard for newspapers, magazines and posters from the late 19th century to the 1960s and 70s, when it was largely replaced by offset lithography printing and computer typesetting. The name of the machine comes from the fact that it produces an entire line of metal type at once, hence a line-o’-type, a significant improvement over the previous industry standard, i.e., manual, letter-by-letter typesetting using a composing stick and drawers of letters.

Here is a picture of one


and if that makes no sense to you, it didn’t to me either : )

Check out this video walkthrough to see one in action.

an old instructional video as well – this is REALLY thrwoback thursday

Last video for the day – I thought this was the best homemade walkthrough I could find

anyone have one of these on your pressroom floor?  I would LOVE to see one in person.



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