World's Coolest Business Cards

Competition is stiff when you’re trying to lure clients. To stand out in a crowded marketplace you have to get creative. These people got the message. We have no idea if the products or services these folks offer are any good, but we can assure they’ll stand out. These are The World’s Most Coolest Business Cards.

To start, how about this clever card from a Guitar Instructor:

Or how about this Cheese Grater?  Certainly not cheap, but I doubt you will find too many of these in the garbage can after a meeting:

This guy has a slightly cheaper twist on his Cheese Companies business cards

Do you get the Pun in this Massage Therapists Coolest Business Cards ever? We think this one is fairly clever.

This Yoga Company too – they wanted you to “experience” their card, not just pick it up

Here are a few more ideas to get the juices flowing on your Monday morning.

coolest business cards

Have you seen a card that we have yet to feature here but it should be?  We’d love for you to hit us up in the comments section below – or email us directly at

~Source: CoolMaterial


One thought on “World's Coolest Business Cards

  1. There is no doubt that originality and creativity are the things that can often separate your ideas from those of the crowd. Whatever you’re printing a good concept and unique outlook are absolutely vital.

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