The John Bull Printing Machine

As promised, today’s post brings another great antique printing press sold as a toy.  The John Bull Printing Machine – Mark 5.  Originally made in the British Isles, this rare press was sold throughout great britain in the early 1920’s (we think).

The John Bull Printing Machine was originally packaged and sold as a kit with additional add-on type sets like these

The machine is very basic – Type is placed a down-facing bed, like a platen-type letterpress.

John Bull Printing Press Rack

John Bull Printing Press Machine Inked

The ink drum is covered in a thin piece of cloth to absorb and apply ink. 

John Bull Printing Press Loaded

The press itself in all it’s glory –

John Bull Printing Press Machine Animated

Have you ever seen the John Bull Printing Machine first hand?  Is it for sale?  Hunting on Ebay hasn’t turned up much for me and my collection on this one.  If you have one for sale or have ever printed with one of these, we would love to hear about it in the comments below!

~Source: Brandon Gamm


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