The Color Test Challenge – Part 2

“Can you tell the difference between sea foam and mint leaf? What about champagne and egg-shell? Are you color blind or a color master?”

color test challenge
Color Test Challenge

InkOnDaPaper loves a good color test challenge.  Remember X-rites hue challenge? Click Here to try it.

Today’s challenge is slightly more interactive and a bit brighter in color.  Plus we think it a lot more fun.  Turn up the music, and start the challenge for yourself!

Just place your cursor over the color wheel and try to match up the background with the foreground. When you think you’ve found your match, click and move on to the next round.

color test challenge


The test starts with a basic Hue challenge and gets drastically more complex from there.  Going through complementary, triadic, analogous, and even tetradic color.  Don’t know what that is?!?!?!  We didn’t either.  That is why you should click here and take the color test challenge for yourself!


Happy Friday Printheads – please feel free to share your scores below!

~Source: Color.method and Huffington Post

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