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Being that my college education started in 2002, I didn’t just receive your traditional “print” training while in school.  We were on the cusp of CTP (computer to plate) machinery, and job management software for running a print shop was finally on the market at a practical price.  My degree could go 1 of two ways at the time.  Print Management, or Digital Media.  Digital Media being the brave new frontier – the forefront of technology as it barrel rolled forward.

I finally settled on Print Management, but I had a few digital courses under my belt as well.  Quark Express and Adobe Creative Suite – although I don’t think it was a “suite” at the time – were two platforms I felt fairly well operating in.  I wasn’t an Adobe guru by any means, but I knew enough to get me through it. I had a few textbooks – over an inch thick – that I would use for reference.  My parents also bought a fairly comprehensive set of ClipArt – so I had that to work with as well.

Fast forward 12+ years, and the internet has complete revamped how we do things in the new and improved Creative Suite.  For those wondering, quark went the way of the TRex not long ago.

The link below is the best walk through, or set of walk throughs, that I have found online.  It covers everything from changing hair or eye color

through removing blemishes and facial stubble.

Enjoy! and Welcome back from the long weekend Printheads!

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