How Programmatic Printing is Breathing Life Into Direct Mail

Print is old fashioned. Print is expensive. Print is slow. There are many ways to articulate the decline and death of this paper-based medium, but don’t declare it down for the count just yet. The same programmatic forces that have revolutionized the digital advertising and marketing industries are making their way into a format that […]

Trends in Cross-media and Variable Data

Trends in Cross-media and Variable Data Now, more than ever before, print, mobile, and web-based media go hand in hand. Marketers and brand owners are looking for providers who can fulfill marketing campaigns that cross multiple media forms to reach a now multi-channel audience. In September 2013, InfoTrends, in partnership with the North American Publishing […]

Personalized communications are the starting point for a long and valuable consumer relationship

Well I might as well stick with the theme of my posts this week….Variable Data Printing. The article below outlines how Chrysler is using personalization to start a long and valuable consumer relationship. It all starts with a consumer buying a car and Chrysler sending out a personalized welcome kit based on the car they […]

How Variable Data Print can help your business

Emails can be specific to your interests, but after a long day at the office do you really feel like going home to read more emails? I personally don’t. Now however when I do get home I always take in the mail and look through everything I have received. That’s where you as a business […]

The Future of Variable Data Printing to 2017

Lets end this day right with a valuable article on The Future of Variable Data Printing in 2017. As more people look to personalize information and use current data, then variable data printing is going to continue to grow at a quick rate. The attached article looks at variable data printing and how it is […]

The 7 Purposes of Direct Mail

Direct mail has several purposes today and primarily it is being used today to complement the other communication channels. Instead of looking at direct mail as a stand along piece marketers should be looking as just another communication channel that can reinforce the digital channels. The article below outlines the 7 purposes of direct mail […]