Trends in Cross-media and Variable Data

Trends in Cross-media and Variable Data Now, more than ever before, print, mobile, and web-based media go hand in hand. Marketers and brand owners are looking for providers who can fulfill marketing campaigns that cross multiple media forms to reach a now multi-channel audience. In September 2013, InfoTrends, in partnership with the North American Publishing […]

Are you selling VDP?

As you may or may not know I am in sales and the majority of the work we produce is highly variable print communications so my job is to hunt for variable data print programs. This can be hard for some especially if you were previously selling or still are selling offset printing projects or […]

The 7 Purposes of Direct Mail

Direct mail has several purposes today and primarily it is being used today to complement the other communication channels. Instead of looking at direct mail as a stand along piece marketers should be looking as just another communication channel that can reinforce the digital channels. The article below outlines the 7 purposes of direct mail […]