Postal Reform is Vital to Mail Service Providers

This is a very hot topic across the industry especially because we all know that the USPS needs to be reformed. Every time I turn around the USPS is raising postage costs to try and¬†offset the huge amounts of money they are losing. Personally I have heard the complaints from my clients on why they […]

Layers of Redundant Management Have Been Eliminated, USPS Says

I had to provide this blog from Dead Tree Edition because of the response they received from the United States Postal Service on the recent blog post¬†17 More Ways USPS Is Not Like a Real Business. I’m glad Dead Tree Edition challenged the USPS and went ahead and published the entire response they received from […]

USPS: 7 Issues Mailers Need to Know

Learn more about the recent USPS changes and how they will effect mailers. This article gives an overview of the entire picture and the how the changes will effect the post office. What thoughts do you have on these changes? Share a comment with us.   Source: Target Marketing Magazine