Problems when mailing?

Everyone has had issues with mailing certain items through the USPS. Maybe the design just doesn’t meet the standards of the USPS or the design did leave enough room for the barcode. We have all been there and it can be very frustrating to have this problem come up. In the below article Summer Gould […]

Catalogs Shrink After USPS Hike

Well quite honestly I think we all saw this coming back in January when the USPS passed a 5.9 percent postage increase. By doing so this increase has caused many catalogs to be placed online instead of printing and mailing them. The sad thing is that mail remains the most productive of all channels for […]

A Catalog Strategy to Offset the USPS Rate Hike

Many fear that with the recent 5.9 postage increase across all mailing types will likely force the majority of catalog mailers to slash circulation. The issue is many catalog mailers see the best ROI from mailed catalogs versus digital channels like email. In the below article the writer outlines how catalog mailers can redesign their […]