Sappi gives this print nerd the best gift EVER

Recently someone decided to cross me in one of the worst ways possible – they stole something from my print collection.  Two weeks ago the first of Sappi’s Standard guides went missing. My OCD and my passion for print collided in the perfect storm.  I searched high and low – I blasted out emails – […]

Web Printing – The Basics of Printing Part 2

It’s time again for a quick educational post.  Back to the roots.   Web printing basics.  Another great walkthrough from Sappi Paper. I know for those of you on the pressroom floor it will seem a bit simple, but for the people out there who haven’t seen a web printing press run, its a great […]

Sheetfed Printing – The Basics

G’Mornin Fellow Printheads! This morning we are going back to our roots. Sheetfed printing basics. I was recently working with a coworker who was designing training decks to train new employees. As we were going over the slides I realized she had a youtube video for every section of the printing processes. I instantly had […]