6 Ways to Confront Customer Indifference to Print

Today we are going to look at an article that outlines how we can confront clients that are indifferent to using print. In print sales today it is harder and harder to just focus on the printed piece. The sales person needs to be educated on all channels used by marketing to be effective. As […]

How To Sell Print Using Social Media

Today we are helping a fellow blogger and friend Matthew Parker with his new e-book ” How to Sell Print Using Social Media” If you have some time I would encourage you to click on the link below and download the e-book. Matthew has pulled together some important information on how salespeople can utilize social […]

Prepare, Bring Ideas, Follow Up!

Today’s guest post is from Rachel Loftis of Theo Davis Printing. Prepare, Bring Ideas, Follow Up! You’ve been doggedly pursuing [bugging, really, if we’re being honest] the marketing director of a large technology firm for weeks now with letters, phone calls and emails to get a meeting with them. They finally release you from your burden […]

Do your sales reps struggle with presentation skills?

Today we are talking about print sales and one thing that many new and even seasoned reps struggle with…….presentation skills. Now I’m not saying that everyone has these issues, but many reps don’t want to say anything so instead of getting better they just wing each and every presentation. The article today gives you 10 […]

How to build a successful, profitable and enjoyable print sales career

If you have read my bio (Click Here) on InkOnDaPaper you will know that I’m in print sales and have been since I started in the print world. Let me tell you it has not been easy and some days I wonder why I even decided to enter this career path. But when I get a satisfied […]

Traditional print sales people struggle with developing business?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Over the weekend I came across this article on What They Think about how the print sales landscape is changing and how we as sales people need to change. The author outlines several factors on why the market is changing and I have outlined them below for […]

Some Great Advice for Print Salespeople

Here at InkOnDaPaper we enjoy the opportunity to promote other print blogs and articles. One individual that always has great content is Matthew Parker or as you know him on twitter as @printchampion. His recent article on Printing Impressions website is spot on in my opinion of how salespeople should be prospecting. As a current […]