Historic Juncture for the USPS and Mailers

The struggle between the USPS and bulk mailers is far from over and it seems that mailing reform needs to start sooner rather than later. The issue is the decrease of mailing and the increase of prices to cover many of the expenses and pensions for the USPS. Below we outlined some staggering numbers from […]

A Catalog Strategy to Offset the USPS Rate Hike

Many fear that with the recent 5.9 postage increase across all mailing types will likely force the majority of catalog mailers to slash circulation. The issue is many catalog mailers see the best ROI from mailed catalogs versus digital channels like email. In the below article the writer outlines how catalog mailers can redesign their […]

More evidence the USPS needs reform-Records Loss of $354 Million in First Quarter

Well well well an all to familiar site for the United States Postal Service ……losing money. Over the past few weeks we have been particularly hard on the USPS and rightfully so. Reform needs to happen quickly and they need to find a way to get out of the red. The issue is that this […]

Does postal increases signal the demise of direct mail?

Interesting how the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) handing down a decision approving the U.S. Postal Service’s full 4.3% request for an¬†exigent rate hike¬†on Standard Mail on Christmas Eve. Because of this decision many did not see the increase till after the holidays. The concern by many is that this increase will force many marketers to […]

USPS: 7 Issues Mailers Need to Know

Learn more about the recent USPS changes and how they will effect mailers. This article gives an overview of the entire picture and the how the changes will effect the post office. What thoughts do you have on these changes? Share a comment with us. http://www.targetmarketingmag.com/article/usps-update-7-issues-mailers-need-know/   Source: Target Marketing Magazine