Inside the Pantone Color Factory – A Look Inside

Designers and artists all over the world use Pantone’s color factory produced guides to make sure their blue is actually blue. Like a Webster’s dictionary for color, Pantone guides are a standard against which anyone can check their own work. Just who is Pantone?  Pantone Inc. is a corporation headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey.[1] The company is best known […]

8 Printing Terms Every Designer Must Learn

Do printing terms leave you scratching your head?  Spectrometer, pigment, pantone, hickies…it can get confused quickly.  Here are 10 Printing terms we here at InkOnDaPaper feel every designer SHOULD learn. 1. DPI DPI stands for dots per inch. A higher DPI is better. DPI values don’t compare across technologies. Inkjets typically print at around 700dpi […]

Welcome to the Pantone Hotel

I bet you didn’t see this coming from Pantone.  Welcome to the Pantone Hotel.  The famous swatch company that has influenced many industries, most notably fashion, is entering into the realm of hospitality service with their new Pantone Hotel. The Pantone Hotel itself isn’t exactly new, but it sure is new to us!  It was […]

Pantone releases their "Color of the Year"

Every year Pantone releases their “Color of the Year” and every year I get a good chuckle in reading the write up.  This year is all the same.  Check out the write up below written by Pantone and found in Instyle Magazine.   Color experts Pantone have announced the color of the year for 2014 […]