Drupa 2016: Packaging goes Digital

What’s creating a buzz heading into the biggest printing show on earth, drupa 2016? In a word, digital. We offer a preview from an industry insider about systems and technologies that will have an impact on packaging and brand owners. We called on printing expert, consultant and drupa veteran Michael Ferrari, also a former 32-year […]

Paper and Packaging: How Life Unfolds

Happy Hump Day fellow Print Nuts!  Today I have 3 short videos for you.  A new series called “How Life Unfolds” brought to us by The Paper and Packaging Board.  This organization has published a TON of great knowledge for our industry. The Paper and Packaging Board brings together the paper and paper-based packaging sectors to […]

Packaging and Label Trends

Yesterday we looked at Offset printing trends and today we look at trends in the packaging and label markets. Have a look and as always we love comments. The Trends in Packaging and Labels An intrinsic part of branding is ensuring the labels, tickets, tags and other point-of-sale materials are helping to convey the story. […]

Five Packaging Design Trends in 2014

Packaging seems to be one of the fastest growing avenues in printing.  Flexible packaging and carton packaging is something the print world must always supply, so the trend to invest in machinery capable of producing such pieces is on the rise.  We have posted numerous times here at InkOnDaPaper about new packaging converting presses, or […]

Is a box just a box?

Packaging day continues on InkOnDaPaper and we wanted to provide some more information on how packaging is being impacted by digital printing. As digital printing continues to change the print industry it has opened up new ways to help improve packaging and increase the ability to version packaging depending on the market. No longer are […]

Digital Printing for Packaging and Labels?

Digital printing has been helping to drive up ROI for flyers and brochures for years now. The issue in packaging and labels has been the overall cost and the quality. Today many companies are moving to digital printing for both packaging and labels, because of the ability to personalize for certain languages and different marketing […]

The death of the Kool-Aid Packet

I was recently perusing the aisles and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what littered the shelves.  MiO was not alone! Everyone and their mother has apparently decided to rip-off the idea and start selling their own version of liquid kool-aid…EVEN KOOL-AID! What is going on here? Needless to say I felt like a […]