Historic Juncture for the USPS and Mailers

The struggle between the USPS and bulk mailers is far from over and it seems that mailing reform needs to start sooner rather than later. The issue is the decrease of mailing and the increase of prices to cover many of the expenses and pensions for the USPS. Below we outlined some staggering numbers from […]

Bill would end door-to-door mail for 15 million people

A House committee has approved a proposal that would end door-to-door mail delivery for millions of Americans in favor of communal or curbside boxes. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved the measure on an 18-13 party-line vote Wednesday. The bill would direct the U.S. Postal Service to convert 15 million addresses over the […]

Americans crazy about mail, but can't say why

Great article that Noah Klueppel passed along to us this morning on Twitter. I find it pretty hilarious just by reading the name of the article Americans crazy about mail, but can’t say why. Its interesting read and hear that people would miss getting their mail, but they can’t explain why. I think I know […]