Help!!!! I Ate a Fruit Sticker!

HELP!!!!!  I was starving.  Snagged the apple, chunked a bite out and….OH NO….I ATE A FRUIT STICKER! Calm Down. Take a deep breath.  It’s OK.  Those pesky little stickers on the side of your fruit are TOTALLY edible.  Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Nectarines and Avacado’s all come with stickers marking UPC#’s and country of origin.  For […]

Packaging and Label Trends

Yesterday we looked at Offset printing trends and today we look at trends in the packaging and label markets. Have a look and as always we love comments. The Trends in Packaging and Labels An intrinsic part of branding is ensuring the labels, tickets, tags and other point-of-sale materials are helping to convey the story. […]

Printed Electronics for the Label Printer

Packaging has been a prime driver in the development of printed electronics, from RFID to QR codes and other digitally ‘readable’ data. The printing expertise, specialist materials, and conductive inks required to reliably create these ‘intelligent’ functions have long been a specialty of the label production chain – an extended value chain which is supported […]

FINAT-The Label Academy

So we don’t touch on labels much here at InkOnDaPaper and today I thought we would learn more about FINAT and The Label Academy. In today’s knowledge based economy, education and competence management are key to the future success of any business, and the label industry is no exception. This applies to all levels and […]

Digital Printing for Packaging and Labels?

Digital printing has been helping to drive up ROI for flyers and brochures for years now. The issue in packaging and labels has been the overall cost and the quality. Today many companies are moving to digital printing for both packaging and labels, because of the ability to personalize for certain languages and different marketing […]

Staples expanding into Labels through HP Technology

PALO ALTO, Calif –  HP today announced that Staples Print Solutions, the printing division of Staples Advantage, has transformed its printed label and packaging offerings with the installation of two HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Presses. Growth in Staples’ prime label and flexible packaging business has fueled greater demand for digital production from customers interested in shorter printing runs and […]