Paperless not Quite Possible

A paperless society has been talked about for years.  It wasn’t until the Ipad that people started to think it may actually be possible.  This commercial does a great job of showing not only the trend in things moving to digital, but also the sustainability of things that just have to be paper.  Sometimes good […]

How Lithographs are Made

Although the language isn’t English – this is a video tutorial of a print shop in Paris that prints lithographs.  Such an art form – at about 2 minutes in, you can see that the registration of the press is actually set by hand. Some of you may remember a while back that I had […]

Why InkOnDaPaper?

It’s about time we put some words to why we started this little website, where the idea came from, and where we see InkOnDaPaper going. The idea started in the brains of two Chicago men who love everything about print.  Both schooled in the traditional methods of print and eager to grow with the industry […]