FujiFilm WOWS attendees at Print 13!

As we continue to hear more and more about Print 13 the theme seems to be that it was all about inkjet innovation. Plus the feedback had been positive from attendees and the companies that exhibited. One the largest booths by far at Print 13 was FujiFilm. They have come out with innovative inkjet solutions […]

Inkjet Revolution?

I came across this video by FujiFilm that outlines how commercial printing is about to change and inkjet will become the future of print. My question to you is do you agree with FujiFilm? Is inkjet the future of commercial printing? Honestly I do believe that inkjet will eventually take over for offset. Why? Because […]

Print 13 comes to a close today at 3pm

I have to agree with the below article written by Barb Pellow, Print 13 did exceed my expectations this year. As it has the past few years it was again dominated by Xerox, Cannon, HP, Fuji and many other inkjet and digital printing manufacturers. Honestly I doubt we will see a show again dominated by […]

Print 13 dominated by Inkjet again.

While walking around Print 13 yesterday it seemed that again this year inkjet was dominating the headlines in several areas. No longer was it just the high-speed digital inkjet presses from HP, Xerox, Kodak and Canon, now several new companies have jumped into the market. I came across the new¬†KM-1/IS29 Inkjet Press from Komori and […]