The move away from pre-printed shells

The move away from pre-printed shells If you wander the warehouse of many direct mail or transactional printers, you will likely stumble upon roll after roll of preprinted forms—so-called “offset shells.” For years, preprinting static color content on an offset press and rerunning them through a digital press to add personalized content was the most […]

Custom Printed Fabric by Spoonflower

If you are a regular follower, you will know that InkOnDaPaper loves to look back and see how far the printing industry has come over the years.  A look back at the processes that became how we lay ink on substrates today fascinates and drives us.  Custom printed fabric is becoming common in the marketplace but […]

Production Inkjet: Closing the Gap

Source: Author: DENISE M. GUSTAVSON We’ve all been hearing about production inkjet devices for several years now, especially since drupa 2012. But is it just a passing fad? Will inkjet technology really be able to meet the challenges in commercial print? Does it have the staying power this industry needs? Simply: yes. According to InfoTrends Group […]

Inkjet ROI

The pluses and minuses of inkjet ROI talks about how and if inkjet can provide a positive ROI for your company. Since inkjet has been taking over so quickly many people have not looked at the ROI. Many factors are weighted when it comes to pluses and minuses of inkjet. The biggest consideration of all […]

The ‘Go-To’ Information Source for Inkjet Production Printing

As production Inkjet printing continues to take the industry by storm I wanted to provide you with a go-to source for all news and information. Printing Impressions has launched an Inkjet Production Printing Industry Center as part of its Website, Back in June Printing Impressions was part of a the Inkjet Summit 2013 that provided information on Inkjet […]