Direct mail is on the rise again

Since the Great Recession, there’s been a trend in America to shed all physical mail. Many companies stopped mailing catalogs, direct mail letters, and newsletters, all in favor of digital products. The news outlets even declared direct mail dead. Only a few short years later, direct mail is on the rise again. As a company […]

Direct Mail Lives

I’ve said it before: Print is not dead. In fact, as one of the tactics in your content marketing arsenal, direct mail can be more effective for certain audiences than email. Gasp! I know what you’re probably thinking, “It’s a digital-marketing world, sister. Catch up.” Well, listen, no one is suggesting that you should shift […]

Why Direct Mail Gets Opened More

Do friends and relatives still send your holiday card by mail? Or do they instead dash off an email, or post a message on Facebook to everyone at once? Only one of those greetings offers the more personal touch and is most likely to be opened and read. We’ve previously discussed why direct mail still […]

Direct Mail Reborn?

B2B Marketers Integrate More Physical Mail With Digital Channels Traditional direct mail is still an important means of communication among B2B marketers, and industry experts are seeing signs of its resurgence as a lead gen tool. This is due to marketers seeing better response rates to mail pieces, and leveraging it with other channels and […]

Top 50 Mailers of 2015

We present Target Magazine’s Top 50 Mailers of 2015. This shows the top mailers in the United States and obviously gives us some new targets on our prospect lists. Top 50 Mailers and Emailers of 2015 The “Top 50” ranks the top mailers by the mail received at WMW! List providers (where available) were provided by […]

Direct Mail Makes a Comeback

Really good article below from Target Marketing and Polaris Direct. This shows how direct mail is becoming more and more like digital when it comes to personalization. The difference between the two? Direct mail has much better response rates and ROI. Direct Mail Makes a Comeback, Becomes More Like Digital – Partner Voices According to […]

Attention-Grabbing Direct Mail

This was a really good article I came across especially if you are looking for ways to improve response for your direct mail programs. Have a look and as always we love to hear your comments. Attention-Grabbing Direct Mail Think back to past decades. Everything was oversized. MC Hammer was famous for his big pants. […]