Personalize with Digital Print

Today, many businesses are focusing tightly on online marketing and neglecting the benefits that a more diverse omnichannel marketing strategy can bring. While the value of online channels such as social media, email, organic search and pay-per-click advertising can’t be ignored, some brands have started placing big bets on digital print, and they’re paying off. […]

What is Marketing Automation?

“Marketing Automation” is a loaded term. If you talk to ten different people, you will get ten different definitions of exactly what it is and how print service providers (PSPs) can use it to streamline their business and increase revenue. It can cover everything from the systems used to manage customer accounts, to prepress, to […]

Is a box just a box?

Packaging day continues on InkOnDaPaper and we wanted to provide some more information on how packaging is being impacted by digital printing. As digital printing continues to change the print industry it has opened up new ways to help improve packaging and increase the ability to version packaging depending on the market. No longer are […]

Digital Printing for Packaging and Labels?

Digital printing has been helping to drive up ROI for flyers and brochures for years now. The issue in packaging and labels has been the overall cost and the quality. Today many companies are moving to digital printing for both packaging and labels, because of the ability to personalize for certain languages and different marketing […]

Landa Folding Carton White Paper Reveals 4.5% Annual Growth Through 2016

Landa’s first Nanographic Printing™ press will be targeted to the fast-growing folding carton market Israel, Rehovot – Landa has announced the release of the white paper “Accelerating the Growth of Packaging Production in the 21st Century.” The white paper provides an in-depth profile of the folding carton segment, the target market of Landa’s first Nanographic […]

The Skinny on Digital Printing

According to the DMA “Statistical Fact Book 2013,” in 2012 U.S. direct marketers spent $51 billion on direct mail, both catalog and non-catalog. That investment drove more than (believe it) $642 billion in sales. The video below provides insight on how more relevant information can drive higher response rates and improve the value of our […]