What Designers can learn from Printers

This was to good not to share with our readers from Marina Poropat Joyce and Printing Impressions. Source: http://www.piworld.com/post/10-things-printers-can-teach-designers/ Designers are visual people and the best way to teach a visual person is to show them. Graphic designers are also curious people who generally like to see how things work. We all walk around with our […]

5 musts for designing an engaging brochure

1. First Define Your Customer and Then Define Your Brochure Finding out who your customers are will define your brochure. If you think your answer is “everyone”, you are likely to be mistaken. In the world of business, everyone needs to target to a certain extent. This may be by age, location or social status. […]

13 Popular Print Design Trends of 2013 (That Make Us Cringe)

Trends come and go in this ever-evolving industry.  Here is a brief synopsis of 13 current trends that are sure to make you cringe.  I have simplified the link below – but feel free to click it and read more in depth. 1. Social icons on the printed page 2. Fill-in-the-blank template designs 3. Cheesy […]

Unisource to Host 24th Annual Chicago Paper Show

Unisource will hold its annual paper show in downtown Chicago at the historic Hilton Hotel on Wednesday, September 25th. The event will showcase a number of exhibits as well as keynote presentations. Below is just a small sample of the featured exhibits and keynote presentations. Keynote Presentation: Russ Maki, President of Graphic Conservation Co., will […]