Keeping Color Consistent

Color is a very important part of branding. It’s often the first thing someone will remember about a brand and can affect how they feel towards a company. There is a significant amount of thought and time that’s put into choosing the right brand color. Keeping that color consistent across both digital and print is […]

Expanding the Color Gamut

Today’s print buyers aren’t necessarily just looking to create a brochure, or sign, or other piece that stands alone. In many, if not most, cases, print is part of a larger marketing campaign, with many different parts that might include pieces printed on different equipment and with different techniques, as well as with mobile or […]

G7 Overview : The Art of Maintaining Color

Color obviously is a huge part of the printing process and maintaining consistent color across multiple platforms and stocks is important to keeping customers. A few years back IDEAlliance came out with the G7 System Certification Program which is designed to evaluate the ability of a candidate system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 […]