Scratch and Sniff Manure

We had a twitter request for a post on scented printing – and it stirred up some memories.  I am sure most printers are familiar with some form of scented, scratch and sniff printing.  Lemon, Lavender,, even dill pickle – anyone remember this?

The memory scented printing brings to mind is a funny one.  It dates back to just after my high school graduation.  Here’s the press release –

“The Ottawa County commission published a brochure and it has raised quite a stink, literally. Moving to the quiet country life may sound appealing but as homeowner Becky Keeler says, “It just comes and goes as the wind blows.” That something is a familiar smell on the farm. “If you’re from the country you make that comment “country fresh air”, you got the manure smells,” says Becky. But it’s not around all the time and that’s important to know if you’re new to country living like Carol. “At first I thought, I don’t know if I can handle that but the smells in my opinion come and go,” says Carol Spencer. “In an effort to educate new home buyers about some of the issues that occur on a farm we developed a brochure.” says Mark Knudsen, Dir. Planning and Grants for Ottawa County. “We came out with the idea of a scratch and sniff patch on the brochure.” With one important “warning” attached. “If of this smell you are in doubt scratch and sniff and you’ll find out,” says Mark. This brochure has been so successful that Ottawa County has received calls from other countries who want to duplicate it. “Calls as far away as England and Japan and Australia who also wanted to replicate the brochure. They deal with the same issues,” says Mark. Since it was first published a few years ago the number of odor complaints has dropped from dozens every year to zero over the last two years. Carol says, “I don’t think I would have to scratch and sniff this, I think it would pretty well do the trick for them.” The county is almost out of the first 9,000 brochures and another 3,000 are on the way.”

Ottawa remains a major farm county, with dairy cows, beef cattle, chickens, turkeys and hogs. Too many buyers with a taste for country life are moving in and complaining about noise, dust and odors, farmers and county official say. 

Mark later said, “it’s an attention grabber.  The whole purpose is that people should not move into a rural area unless they’re willing to accept and embrace the practices that happen on a farming operation”


What a great way to tell your neighbors and county residents – this is how we smell – deal with it!

Do you have a better scratch and sniff story than my manure one?  If so, please tell us below!

~Source: WZZM13

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