Do your sales reps struggle with presentation skills?

Today we are talking about print sales and one thing that many new and even seasoned reps struggle with…….presentation skills. Now I’m not saying that everyone has these issues, but many reps don’t want to say anything so instead of getting better they just wing each and every presentation.

The article today gives you 10 presentation skill challenges that your seals team isn’t telling you. Now I went ahead and outlined each challenges, but you will need to read the article to find out how you can help solve each of these for your sales team.

This might be a great topic for the next sales meeting or have a special meeting and ask each rep how they handle these challenges. It is a great way to practice and also improve how you present the company and the solutions you provide.

So check out the article and as always we love feedback.

No. 1 – Does the audience really listen or do they just read the PowerPoint slides?

No. 2 – How many head and hand movements are too many?

No. 3 – How do I gain confidence and keep people entertained?

No. 4 – How do I prevent my face from getting red right before the speech?

No. 5 – How do I handle client questions/interruptions?

No. 6 – How can I create more opportunities to practice my speech?

No. 7 – How do I improve my openings and closings?

No. 8 – What are the most common mistakes made in public speaking?

No. 9 – How do I avoid the first five minutes of anxiety?

No. 10 – How do I make my speech stand out?

Source: Canvas Magazine

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