RRD & CGX — The Strategy Behind the Buzz




Over the past few days, I like many others have questioned why RR Donnelley would want to purchase Consolidated Graphics. Many of my friends have given their takes and honestly I was puzzled and excited by the acquisition. Puzzled because I didn’t know where Consolidated Graphics fit into the RR Donnelley model and excited because if you don’t know I work for a Consolidated Graphics company.

The article below explains more about the proposed strategy and why at this time RR Donnelley would make this type of move. If you read the article you will understand that the local service model that Consolidated Graphics preaches was exactly what RR Donnelley wanted to provide to their current clients and provide in future managed print contracts. Now they can offer the best of both worlds to clients, especially those that require local service.

I would highly recommend you read the article and share your thoughts with us. As always time will tell the results of this latest acquisition by RRD.



Source: What They Think

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