Questions about Books and Digital Inkjet Production

If you’ve been thinking about adding digital inkjet to your plant then I would entourage you to read up on the below article from My Print Resource. Now I won’t recommend you add digital inkjet equipment because that is the hot item currently in the industry. The only reason to add this technology is if you have current work that will fit the machine and that it will help make that work run more efficiently and at a cheaper cost.

Trust me getting the work for these machines is half the battle and if you don’t have it currently then your investing a large amount of money in hoping you can get the work.

Some of the questions and answer outline with give you an idea of how this equipment might help your current production along with how it can help grow your business. Also if you’re considering inkjet I would recommend reviewing several of the equipment manufacturers as each has something different that might be important to current clients.

Source: My Print Resource

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