Printing a Book, the Old School Way

Have the flourescent lights burned your brain for the day?  Your back may hurt from the same desk chair day in and out, or your feet from standing at the delivery of a press in a worn pair of shoes.  Well IODP has a solution for you on this hot and humid Wednesday Afternoon.  Printing a Book the Old School way.  Take a peek back to how it used to be, to remind ourselves how good we have it these days.

Trust me, after 5 minutes you will either feel great about your job, or be fast asleep.

I now have a whole new respect for Microsoft word and CTRL+P

Happy Hump Day from InkOnDaPaper.


2 thoughts on “Printing a Book, the Old School Way

  1. i honestly looks pretty cool, but I can’t imaging having to do it for more than a few times. I am definitely lucky to have the job I have now. Thanks so much for posting.

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