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Print advertising

Today’s market is primarily composed of internet users. More and more people choose to subscribe to online newspapers, magazines, etc. People are given the option to remove the clutter from their shelves and store everything on their web based emails or cloud storages.

Although most of the transactions and essential activities are done digitally, there are still a lot of reasons why print advertising works well than digital advertising. Let’s go through a few reasons why.

Print is Tangible. Digital is Rapid.

Print advertising requires the use of media such as newspapers or magazines to multiply and reach its target market. Digital advertising, on the other hand, uses chain emails, blogs or social media to interact with its target market. We can safely say that the latter reaches people at a very fast pace, but the competition for it is pretty rough.

It is hard to keep the thumb or the forefinger from scrolling down.

Let’s be honest. When we see something on the internet that doesn’t relate much to us, we just involuntarily scroll down. If we see something that might be of use in the future, we tend to bookmark the site or in the case of Facebook, like the page.

It doesn’t directly connect to make us purchase right away. Well, we might, but maybe not now. Unless of course if it is the essential need of the season, like during Christmas and we really have to purchase gifts, but otherwise, we won’t.

Digital Advertising is not tangible. It lacks the ability to connect using touch because we only see them through a computer or mobile screen.

So why is tangibility important in advertising?

Let’s start with the obvious, safekeeping.

Although a lot of people would probably not want to stack much clutter in their drawers or notebooks, if  it is tangible people can easily keep it.

A lot of people would still want a copy of a picture on paper after posting them on social media sites like Facebook. People would still prefer to have picture frames displayed on their walls.

That’s really how human emotion and logic works. We can’t go against it.

Print advertising about that allows its users, whether interested or not at the moment, to keep the gift cards, vouchers or even hand away copies to be stored in their natural way. It makes it easy for them to retrieve it (even if they are not that organized); they are more likely to remember easily where they have placed it.

Compared to having to look for that particular bookmark that people forgets about over time and having to look for a specific folder or document that they stored on web-based programs, it is easy to find a tangible physical thing inside a household rather than a computer full of clutter.

Aside from that, when the need kicks in, it is easy for people to cut out that page from that magazine and bring it with them to the physical store or even use the code in a web-based store. Either way, it is easier to retrieve and remember compared to digital advertising.

But let’s look at the other side of the leaf, what makes businesses want digital advertising?

Let’s talk about another truth; digital advertising is rapid.

Digital advertising reaches thousands if not millions at the shortest amount of time compared to print advertising. Having that number of spectators, we can’t erase the fact that maybe hundreds out of that thousands are probably considering the purchase right away.

Aside from being this rapid when it comes to reaching customers, digital advertising also offers rapid results and responses on customer’s requests or inquiries. Companies are no longer limited to distance and time when delivering the best offers and news because they can now do that in just one click.

Everything seems to be just a click away in digital advertising, less cost but greater reach.

Yes, it is true that you will have to deal with too many competitors with your customer’s time and attention when they’re online, but once you have established your brand and reputation, you will less likely have brand competition.

This is what makes the business easier for you, though they may not buy right away if they do they’ll surely do it with you.

What you have to do with digital advertising is to get that love at first sight. Catch their attention. Stand out from the crowd of millions of other ads.

You will have trouble getting that perfect picture, but when you do, that’ll be more than two birds shot with one stone. That’s probably a thousand in one. Just make it right the first time.

Print advertising is not tedious. Digital is limitless.

Print Advertising 2

Although we recognize the fact that businesses have to adapt with the current market attitude, the journey is still smoother with print advertising.

When people are online, they are more likely to research and know more about you first before purchasing any service or product. Aside from the fact that they are “window-shopping” at your website, you’re probably not the only thing they are in during that particular exploring timeframe. So looking at almost the same items and seeing almost the same descriptions makes the process tedious for them.

They are also probably looking for other stuff at the same time, so your competition is larger than what’s expected. You have to compete against other brands selling the same item or services, and you have to compete with other internet elements that might steal their time from you.

People can have multiple pages open at the same time, so they are simultaneously window-shopping at several other websites related or not related to yours.

So what about print advertising, isn’t it also boring?

Of course not! With print advertising, you can play with the pages or even the paper itself. You can play with a lot more colors without looking so dull and copycat. Your limits are bound in the areas covered by the paper, but you’re not having as much competition when it comes to time and attention.

Print advertising allows its readers or prospect customers to see and feel what they are looking for at the same time. If you are creative enough to find a way to make it more interactive, then that would be awesome!

But then again, digital advertising is limitless.

The market nowadays is so unpredictable, and the trends change so often that if you don’t keep up in spreading the information fast and right, you will get left behind.

Unlike print ads, digital advertising can move (video) and will have a more creative illustration, making the knowledge conservation a lot easier. Print ads only move through pages, and when it comes to movement, it only works in visual illusions which can be a little tricky for the page editor.

Although videos consume more time, if it had stricken curiosity to people, they would stop and watch that even if they are time constrained, unless the page or that website is known to promote such unrelated videos to its title; people won’t scroll down right away. Videos interact better than pictures.

In social media, it is observable that with videos or multiple photo illustrations, people are more likely to get involved and comment, creating a forum, another avenue to connect with customers.

Digital advertising also is the fastest way to disseminate information, provided that the target market has an accessible source of internet connection. Compared to print advertising, it can connect to thousands of people without having to deal with just one location and demographics.

Yes, with print advertising, it is almost impossible to create interaction and have moving illustrations like video, but it doesn’t mean its readers can’t have a thorough understanding. By being sole fully alone with the customer’s time and attention, print advertising creates better environment for brand awareness.

Aside from that, holding onto a print ad paper almost seems like a document or evidence one can show something when in a trial. So if the customer claims to have seen or received any promotion, they can directly prove that right away, without having to deal with virtual representatives who had to scroll thru possibly hundreds of other codes and whatnot.

It saves customer time and frustration when dealing with discounts, making the experience a lot better for them.

Print advertising is the tenacious turtle

Print advertising 3

It may sound so cynical to say that print advertising is a turtle, but remember who won the race between the turtle and the monkey?

The monkey was swayed away by his speed and laid back with the turtle’s capacity. Digital advertising may be your company’s priority when it comes to marketing because of its unlimited reach and timeliness. But to consider print advertising is a wise decision.

Here’s why.

Your first customers are always your friends!

That’s right! The people in your locality will be your first clients. They will be your first followers on Instagram and Twitter and first likers in Facebook.

They will look you up sure on the internet once they know about you, but how to? Spread the news by advertising in a newspaper, or by sponsoring a local magazine. This will probably make you think of the cost, but again think, that even if reaches them slowly it reaches them inevitably.

Print advertising is the tenacious turtle that gets you to your goal. So start with what’s basic before you deal with the complicated.

Your marketing strategy will be a success if you spark it with print advertising, hand in hand with digital advertising, you can be the tycoon you’ve dreamed of in no time.



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He is an advocate of the arts, dedicating a part of his time in the conceptualizing, production and appreciation of art pieces.


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