Print 18

Brian and I had the opportunity to visit Print 18 yesterday and learn more about all the new equipment and technology.  The printing industry has made several large changes over the past 30 years.  The industry as a whole is continues to change rapidly. As we move from “Print isn’t Dead” to “The future is Inkjet” I see a smaller industry, but also a reenergized industry.

Now more than ever marketing is seeing where print fits in the marketing stack. Printers also are understanding where they fit more and more. This has helped to bring profitability and excitement back to our industry. The need to embrace technology and connect digital with print is key for continued growth.

Yesterday at Print 18 had so much more energy than I have seen in the past. I felt suppliers and printers where happy about the path going forward, well everyone but the paper suppliers.

Walking the floor is one of my favorite things to do because I take in the crowd, equipment and sales people. This also gives me a chance to connect with old colleagues and friends. As someone who has attended “Graph Expo” for years I still always ask where is Heidelberg. I always remember them having the largest booth in the building with several presses they had already sold running in unison. It truly was a cool site to see especially when you could smell the ink from outside McCormick Place. We no longer see Heidelberg at this show nor do we see the true iron presses of the past. Today we get the quiet inkjet presses in smaller footprints with less and less companies coming to the event.

The show maybe smaller, but today it was much more energized and hopeful of the future. Lets hope that trend continues and that print continues to shine in a digital world.

Let me know your thoughts on Print 18.

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