Print 13 dominated by Inkjet again.

While walking around Print 13 yesterday it seemed that again this year inkjet was dominating the headlines in several areas. No longer was it just the high-speed digital inkjet presses from HP, Xerox, Kodak and Canon, now several new companies have jumped into the market. I came across the new KM-1/IS29 Inkjet Press from Komori and Konica Minolta which runs a 23 x 29 inch sheet. The press release is below to provide you with some additional information. I see this press taking over for many of the 29 inch offset presses because of its ability to produce variable data at a larger sheet size.

Will digital inkjet take over offset? Let us know what you think below.

I wanted to leave you with one other valuable piece I came across at Print 13 and that is a white paper from HP on how color is receiving a higher ROI. I would recommend you download the white paper below.

HP Whitepaper-

KM-1/IS29 Press Release-


Sources: My Print Resource, HP, Konica Minolta, Komori

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