POP From start to Finish

Great POP sells product.  A great in store display can draw customers from across the store – and I have a few examples here to share.

First: Absolut Bottle Displays – This one starts at Vacuumforming, by creating two sides of a clear plastic bottle.  Then digitally printing and hand affixing layers of images to create the inner bottle advertising.  A final decal application and addition of a stand – BAM – you have a great in store display.

Second: Korbel Surfboards – This display includes a very similar hand assembly process, but does not include any vacuum forming. This is two pieces of digital print, mounted with spacers in between, and a final paint job of the edges for finishing. Another really cool way to showcase your project.

I know vacuum forming isn’t something printers see every day – so for those of you who want a brief overview – here is the wiki page


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