Pirate Printer = Raubdruckerin

Sometimes you just need to pause and look around you.  Things go by so fast that you may stop and miss the simple art right beneath your feet.  The art team behind this Raubdruckerin, meaning pirate printer, is using sewer covers and street vents to create one of kind bags and shirts.  Bouncing around the city these printers rollout ink onto anything they can and start pressing.  You can hop on their online shop and order things from many cities like Paris or Amsterdam.

“The diversity and creativity that goes into designing a simple manhole cover is astounding, and deserves to be celebrated. Although Raubdruckerin is headquartered in Berlin, the collective travels around the world, discovering the literal street art of cities like Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Paris. Each city has its unique patterns and typography that goes into simple street fixtures. Each manhole cover and grate becomes a chance to study a different culture.”

Because the printing is happening right in the street, their is a bit of show to be had as they do their business.  You can watch them produce bags and t-shirts live on the streets!

Ready to join the Pirate Printer team?  Raubdruckerin also sells their creations on their online shop here

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