Paper Folding Templates for Print Design

We sure hope our fellow inkhead Trish Witkowski doesn’t mind us borrowing the title of todays post on InkOnDaPaper.  Paper Folding Templates for Print Design is a book that all print lovers should have in their library.  The paperback version of course.

Ripped straight from the Amazon page –

Paper Folding Templates for Print Design

Paper Folding Templates for Print Design is a comprehensive visual resource for anyone who designs or produces folded materials for print and direct mail. Brought to you by the industry’s authority on folding, Trish Witkowski of, Trish provides content that is both enlightening and interesting to read. Based upon 15 years of studying and collecting folded materials from around the globe, she starts with folding basics and quickly moves on to trends, techniques and low budget tricks that will help you break out of your folding rut.

On a budget? Paper Folding Templates will take you way beyond the tri-fold without breaking the bank. Got a special project? The high budget splurges chapter does not disappoint. Paper Folding Templates will surprise you with folded formats and techniques you’ve never thought of, and will introduce you to additional categories such as dimensional, proprietary and branded solutions. Trish also shares gorgeous full-color photos of selected pieces from her world-famous folding sample library in special gallery sections placed throughout the book.

We sure hope this post opens your eyes to a great resource you may have not known about previously.  We are a bit embarrassed to admit that we follow Trish’s amazing folds on YouTube and had no idea this book even existed!  Big shout out to Trish for once again proving her undying support of our industry.  She always helps to showcase the creativity that drives the printing industry forward.

If you want a copy of “Paper Folding Templates” for your collection feel free to purchase  it HERE

If you would like to tell Trish how great she is for the printing industry – reach out directly to her @foldingfanatic

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