Paper and Packaging: How Life Unfolds

Happy Hump Day fellow Print Nuts!  Today I have 3 short videos for you.  A new series called “How Life Unfolds” brought to us by The Paper and Packaging Board.  This organization has published a TON of great knowledge for our industry.

The Paper and Packaging Board brings together the paper and paper-based packaging sectors to promote and increase consumer appreciation for paper and paper-based packaging, reduce guilt about using these products and deepen understanding of the industry’s environmentally – friendly practices. 

This series on paper and packaging is definitely worth a quick watch.

Our first video is a tale between Father and Son – titled “Letters to Dad”

What do you do when you miss a dad who’s far away? See how paper and packaging help a little boy and his father stay close.

Next up is a video on how a Granddaughter uses paper and packaging to bond with her Grandfather

How do you bond with someone from an entirely different generation? See how paper and packaging help a granddaughter and grandpa fulfill a lifetime goal.

Lastly is a short video on a girl and her dream of seeing the ocean

What’s an ocean-loving, desert-dwelling girl to do? See how paper and packaging help a young girl’s dream come true.


So what do you think of “How Life Unfolds”?  Feel free to take some time and learn more about the Paper and Packaging Board Here

‘Letters to Dad’ is our favorite thus far – do you have a favorite video about paper and packaging?  If so, please share it below!

~Source: PaperAndPackaging.Org

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