Pantone – There Can Only be One

In branding – color selection may be one of the most important things a brand can do.   Some brands are so tied to certain colors that you can recognize the brand without even words.  Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Tiffany’s jewelry – these are great examples of brands that utilize the Genius behind color recognition.

Pantone had an ad campaign that I think perfectly showcased how some colors instantaneously relate to characters, not just corporations.  Pantone, for those of you who don’t know – “is best known for the Pantone Matching System, a fan-deck of pages featuring a color on each page, with each color being displayed in various tints. Today, the Pantone Matching System is used in various industries, including paints, fabrics, and printing, and it is in printing that color selection is most key.”


Can you tell from the color here who this is?  I think the eyes may give this one away, but the color, do you see that color as “Kermit” green?

How about one of Kermit’s friends?

Can you guess who this one is?

or this?

All of the new Pantone posters feature the code for the exact color shown, as well as the words ‘There Can Only Be One,’ reminding companies of the importance of color association. In addition, each year Pantone chooses a color of the year. The color for 2014, for example, is Radiant Orchard (Pantone 18-3224)- a shade of lavender-like purple not frequently seen in branding. This could serve as a color option for emerging companies looking to build their brand around a unique color. The pop culture prints have already been shortlisted at the Cannes Lions creativity festival, and serve as an excellent reminder of the significance of color.

Can you guess all of these?  The ad itself was created in China – so you may not know all of the characters below

Want to take a shot at naming them all?  Feel free to take a crack at it below!


3 thoughts on “Pantone – There Can Only be One

  1. As the owner of a printing business in Vietnam, sometimes I was very confused before the color of the logo of the customer.
    They simply love and start coordinating the colors together without even looking at the harmony of color.
    Sometimes I meet some customers who combine blue and red together, they look stupid.
    Maybe I will translate your article into Vietnamese and provide my customers with the necessary information. Do you mind if I do this? (Of course I will write the coppy source from your website and the customer can view the article directly from this blog)
    If you agree, please reply me.
    Thank you,

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