The key to unlocking print’s future

Headlines continue to focus on the death and disruption of traditional industries. Netflix and Hulu have already disrupted the TV industry but many experts predict the future will be a blend of the old (linear) and new (addressable/OTT). Publishing is the latest industry to make headlines with the news this week that The New York Daily News, […]

An Appreciation For An Old Friend: Direct Mail

Since I started my marketing career in direct mail, I have a soft spot in my heart for it. And, I believe there is still a place for it among the digital channels that are pervasive today. With more companies evaluating their ad spend and marketing budgets, many believed they should gravitate to advertising tactics like virtual […]

10 Reasons Why Catalogs are a Marketing Powerhouse

Studies show that consumers enjoy reading magazine-like catalogs. That’s why they spend time engaging with them. In fact, the average time spent looking at a catalog is 15.5 minutes and consumers tend to hold on to them for several weeks.1 Catalogs are also a strong customer retention tool since people are even more likely to read […]

The Reason ‘Going Paperless’ May Not Be the Greenest Option

By Samantha St. Pierre When people find out that I advise companies on responsible sourcing of forest products, most immediately light up with excitement to share how their workplace is “green.”  Usually without fail, what makes these workplaces “green” are initiatives to going paperless. And we’ve all received emails that include a line at the […]