Five Packaging Design Trends in 2014

Packaging seems to be one of the fastest growing avenues in printing.  Flexible packaging and carton packaging is something the print world must always supply, so the trend to invest in machinery capable of producing such pieces is on the rise.  We have posted numerous times here at InkOnDaPaper about new packaging converting presses, or digital printers capable of producing cartons but we rarely touch on the trends affecting the packaging industry.

Todays post covers just that.  Trends on store shelves in 2014.  Without further wait, lets dig right into it.

Environmentally Friendly

A great way for a company to show they are part of the green movement is through environmentally friendly packaging.  Packing that is made to be recycled or reused, and made from materials that are typically recycled in nature.

Enviromantally-FriendlyFunctional Forms

Multi use packaging is also a huge trend – and very similar to the type above – environmentally friendly.  This packaging is used in multiple variations, almost as if the package is becoming part of the experience.

Functional-FormsProduct Variation

These packages have built in awareness for spoiled goods. The packages will change colors or textures over time in order to alert the buyer of contaminated or spoiled product

Products-VariationThe Matte Finish

This one is HUGE.  I see this every day sourcing print all over the US.  Matte Finishes.  A complete opposite of the traditional gloss finishes.  Made popular by the iphone, the matte soft touch feel is regularly used nowadays in the packaging world.

Matte-FinishMinimalist Design

Minimal designs actually are selling more these days.  Less clutter.  Less BS.  Straight to point packaging.



Have any of these design trends come across your desk yet?  If so, please share!  With Q1 coming to a close, I have to think many of these are already found as common in the marketplace.  Please share with us your experience!

~Source: The Deep End Design

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