New Print Buyer Report Indicates Print Budgets Still Growing

We love Margie Dana’s print tips and its great to see her new report outlines that print budgets are still growing. Check it out.

BOSTON, MA and CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI Canada – October 17, 2013 – Margie Dana, widely known as the founder of Print Buyers International who recently launched a new marketing communications business, has teamed up with industry consultant and researcher John Zarwan to develop a profile of today’s new print buyers. Having surveyed hundreds of professional print buyers across the country, today they released the results in a 40-page report titled “The New Print Buyers: Who They Are, What They Want and What You Should Do.” The report is now available as a PDF online ($99.00). For more information or to purchase the report, go to

According to the report, many companies and agencies are not only continuing to purchase printing, but they are also increasing their annual budgets. “This is an opportunity for commercial printers,” notes Zarwan, “but only if they continue to market to them.” The report also identified several growing needs that in large part are still unmet. “While print buyers increasingly want their printer to offer online ordering, few print buyers currently use web-to-print services. The traditional commercial printer is also being called upon to be more than just a printer. An overwhelming percentage of print buyers want their print provider to offer more than ‘just print’. Printers need to realize that 20% of print buyers today have less than 10 years of experience in that role and are seeking faster, cheaper, and better ways to communicate with their client bases. Print, though still valuable, is just one tool in the communications arsenal.”

Dana adds, “Today, print buying is becoming much more diffuse. Most of the buyers we surveyed are not responsible for all purchases of print within their organization, regardless of their role. Print buying is still primarily found in the purchasing or procurement departments of companies [mentioned by nearly half of all respondents], though marketing’s role in print buying is increasingly important. Print buying is not generally done in a vacuum within the buyer’s organization, as buyers regularly interact with multiple departments. All buyers who seek help go to the graphics department within their organizations, while purchasing managers prefer to seek help from marketing departments.”

The report delves into the make-up, attitudes,work habits, and changing expectations of today’s print decision maker, addressing such issues as:

  • What other roles Print Buyers play within the organization;
  • The value of closer relationships with marketing departments;
  • What other corporate units are involved in sourcing print; and
  • What non-print-related services are now in demand

Report Dynamics

The role of print—and the print buyer—is changing. Print buyers now may have other, sometimes more important, responsibilities. To understand these changes, Margie Dana teamed up with consultant John Zarwan to develop a profile of the New Print Buyers. They surveyed 315 print buying and marketing professionals in corporations and creative agencies across in the U.S. and Canada to find out how their print buying practices and behaviors may have changed.

This report is now available online for $99. A site license is available for $1000. The report can be purchased at

About Margie Dana

Long regarded as a print buyer expert and trade writer, Margie Dana launched her new business in 2013 as a marketing communications strategist with a specialty in printing and print buying. She is a sought-after presenter at trade shows and conferences and still writes her popular Print Tips newsletter each week. For details on her services and to sign up for Print Tips, visit

About John Zarwan

J Zarwan Partners works closely with a select number of companies, guiding them to develop and implement more effective and efficient business strategies. Their clients, which include commercial printing and packaging industry leaders, benefit from his extensive experience in addressing and managing change; market strategy and implementation; product planning and positioning; and market research. John Zarwan, founding partner, has been in the graphic arts, printing, and digital media industry for 30 years and is internationally recognized for his knowledge and insight on trends in the industry. He has spoken at major industry events and conferences around the world, and his articles on print markets and technology have appeared in various print and web journals. For more information, go to:

Both authors of this report are available to speak to audiences about their findings.


Source: Margie Dana

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