The Need For Variable Data Printing

The Need For Variable Data Printing

As we all know variable data printing has exploded over the last 5 years and honestly I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. The main reason has been because of digital marketing and personalized offers. Individuals today expect offers and marketing materials to be personalized to them and their needs. The below stats were pulled from this recent article and I think they are relevant to showing how variable data printing is receiving favorable results with consumers.

Interesting Stats

  • 67% are highly in favor of personalized coupons
  • 62% like personalized offers / promotions based on previous experiences
  • 62% appreciate recommendations based on previous purchase

Of those shoppers who experienced personalization, 86% said it influenced their desire to purchase and 25% said it significantly influenced what they purchased.

Take sometime to review the article below and share with us any cool projects or relevant stories on how you used variable data printing. We might even feature that cool project next week during theme week!

Source: Xerox Blogs

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