Mailing Issues? Time to give it a fresh look

As advocates of the print and mail industries I do have to agree with the below article that we need to show our customers how valuable mail can be in the marketing mix. The idea that mail can be used in new and different ways is important to helping the print industry grow and hopefully for helping the USPS fix internal issues.

The Postmaster General urged the mailing industry in attendance to talk with customers about new ways of using data and analytics to optimize return on mail and integrated campaigns. Specifically, Donahoe mentioned the need to:

  • —Make mail more personally relevant and tailor mail pieces more to an individual.
  • —Accelerate the adoption of technologies that make mail more actionable, with emphasis on speeding the customer’s purchasing process.
  • —Expand the functionality of mail by embedding technologies and enabling interactions with devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

So what are your thoughts? How can we help move the print and mailing industry forward? Will you share this information with your clients?

Source: Output Links

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