Lucas Museum Bid Book by Classic Color


In case you missed it last week, Chicago has been named the home of the Lucas Museum.  Taken straight from their website –

“The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be a gathering place to experience narrative art and the evolution of moving images – from illustration to cinema to the digital mediums of the future. The museum’s seed collection – a gift from founder George Lucas – spans a century-and-a-half and features the images and the mediums that have profoundly shaped our cultural heritage. The foundational collection will continue to grow and evolve as the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art acquires more works”

Lucas had originally chosen San Francisco, but his location was denied.  That is when Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Civic Consulting Alliance swooped in with our winning bid.  The bid book was created in their minds but made reality by Classic Color.  Yet again Classic Color comes through with a printing masterpiece.  

“One element that stands out on the book is the diecut star on the front cover. The stars on the Chicago flag each represent major historical events and Downtown Partners thought of the Lucas Museum as yet another “star-worthy” event for the city of Chicago.

Since the book required only a small run, the cover and body of the book was printed on our HP Indigo 7600 press. We chose a blue tape binding that matched Chicago’s colors and then adhered a thick diecut piece of chip to the cover to complete the piece.”

The end result is a truly stunning printed masterpiece – a designers dream.

Now the question is – who has one lying around for sale?

~Source: Classic Color’s Blog and

AND to give credit where it is due – The article was sent to me by Lindsey Barbee from NewPage



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