A Look Inside the Paper Mill

How many of you have had an in-depth look or tour inside of a paper mill?  Most haven’t.  Personally, I have been to a few.  I visited a paper mill that used nothing but virgin fiber – harvesting forests, and on the flip side I visited a Chicago local paper facility that created all of their paper from recycled magazines.  Two very different ends of the paper producing spectrum.

New Page Corporation put out a great video last year as a look inside of their Wisconsin Rapids Paper Mill.

“When you visit the NewPage Wisconsin Rapids facility, you’re not only at the center of Wisconsin. You’re at the heart of a vibrant downtown that owes its existence to the logging and papermaking industries of the 19th century. Within blocks of the NewPage facilities along the Wisconsin River, you’ll find the town’s primary shopping district and a variety of restaurants, pubs, grills and other popular gathering places. Its central location also attracts many visitors, who tour its huge papermaking machine and sheeting operations.”

Sterling Premium is produced here by the TONS.  Not only did they show you the process, but they really featured their employees.  Adding a personal voice and face to their Mill.  It’s amazing to see how many hands go into creating just 1 sheet of paper.  Especially quality paper like New Page produces.

Pretty amazing just the sheer size of the paper rolls before the may it to the slitter and re-winder.

Have you ever been to a Paper Mill – seen the sights and smelled the smells first hand?

If so, please share your experience below!


~Source: NewPage Corp

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