Logo Colors: What’s best For Your Brand?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Psychology of Color, now is the time to get acquainted because the logo colors you choose could make or break your brand.

It turns out that color has a remarkable effect on the emotions of humans and if you can understand your customer’s connections to certain colors, the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing message could significantly increase.  Late last year, Entrepreneur.com published a collection of data relating to how color impacts marketing and found the following:
• 93% of purchase judgments are made on visual perception.
• Over 84% of consumers admit that color plays a big role in their purchasing decision.
• 80% of consumers believe color increases brand recognition.

A host of studies suggest that every color emits specific emotions; the thing is, these emotions can be very wide-ranging. Blue could be associated with serenity but also with strength; Red can be associated with action but also with love and so on.

Rather than forcing yourself to sit through a slew of detailed academic studies, 99designs decided to compile an infographic quiz which guides you towards the right color to use for your brand. It’s quick, easy and fun!

logo colors



Source: 99designs.co.uk

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