Lenticular Print used Creatively

We have featured the use of Lenticular Print here on InkOnDaPaper before.  Very often it is used as handouts and postcards, or movie boxes and posters.  A way to create a moving or 3 dimensional image through the use of a lenticular screen over very precise printing.

According to Wikipedia Lenticular Print is a technology in which lenticular lenses (a technology that is also used for 3D displays) are used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.- Examples of lenticular printing include flip and animation effects such as winking eyes, and modern advertising graphics that change their message depending on the viewing angle. This technology was created in the 1940s but has evolved in recent years to show more motion and increased depth. Originally used mostly in novelty items and commonly called “flicker pictures” or “wiggle pictures,” lenticular prints are now being used as a marketing tool to show products in motion. Recent advances in large-format presses have allowed for oversized lenses to be used in lithographic lenticular printing.[1]

One of my favorite lenticular prints was an ad focused towards abused children – to the adult  it was a picture of a child, but when down at the childs angle, the message changes completely –

Pretty cool use of Lenticular Print right?  How about this one – an eye that blinks as you walk past –

Pretty EYE CATCHING I think.  Perhaps the next time you think of Lenticular print you will think of more than your 90’s box of cereal with Schwarzenegger on it



Here are a couple more interesting uses to get the creative juices flowing –

Do you have experience with Lenticular Print?  Please share with us below!

2 thoughts on “Lenticular Print used Creatively

  1. I agree – I love the one with child abuse…and not just because of it’s message. When you stop and think about it, how many times have you seen lenticular used in a vertical manner? GENIUS

  2. Yes, lenticular is a very effective way to increase branding and impressions. THe major problem now continues to be artwork and thus resulting in a good legible print. Please contact us for a free consultation and complimentary virtual mock up.

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