Label Applicator for Homebrewed Beer!

A few days ago I posted about a cool new product hitting store shelves.  Re-writable decals for adhesion to beer bottles.  This allows the home brewer a chance to re-use labels – and solves the age old problem of using a label that will last as long as the bottle.

One of our readers saw that article, and forwarded along this small piece of machinery to make the set up complete.  This is a short run manual/automatic label applicator.  Its automatic in that the machine automatically removes the backer and applys the decals – but manual because you still have to hold and turn the bottle.

The AP362 Label applicator by Primera


Pretty cool huh?  A great way for a short run beer manufacturer to dip his toes into the market and make his product look professional.

Mega thanks to Mel – the reader who shared this cool product.  THANKS MEL!

Here’s a quick vid –

Anyone have any experience with applicators such as this?



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